Universal Fit 34-ounce 1000 Ml/8cup French Coffee Press Beaker, Fits All Brands, Borosilicate Glass

All French Press manufacturers use the exact same specifications as we do for the manufacturing of the Borosilicate glass beaker for an 8 cup French Press”. The outer Diameter is 96mm (plus or minus 0.7mm) and the height is 175mm (plus or minus 2 mm). We use the same specification and ensure the weight of the beaker is equal to or more than most major brand beakers. The material is the exact same borosilicate glass as other glass beakers as well. We have fit tested this beaker with all major brands like Bodum and Grosche and it fits their presses and find a perfect fit over 98% of the time. Buy with confidence or your money back! .

A new replacement beaker for all 1000ml (34 fl oz, or also called 8 cup)
This beaker is a Universal size replacement for all other major brands of 8 cup (1 liter or 34 fl. oz) French Presses as well. Since all manufacturers use the same beaker dimensions, it fits all leading brands in that size.

Please check your particular French press size and beaker to ensure its a standard 8 cup French press. The high quality Borosilicate Glass is Heatproof while being dish washer safe as well.

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