SMART PITCHER Espresso Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher With Built-In Thermometer, Stainless Steel (20 oz)

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The Smart Pitcher is designed to ensure you achieve the optimum milk temperature every time. It removes the need for a thermometer or over steaming with ‘hand-feel’.


Smart Pitcher has a built-in thermometer, Thermo-Indicator, on the side of the jug that indicates the temperature with a colour coded system. The Thermo-Indicator is extremely durable for long-term use.


1. Pour the milk into Smart Pitcher.

2. Place Smart Pitcher on steam nozzle.

3. Stop steaming when the Thermo-Indicater reaches the colour of the temperature you want.

4. The colour of Thermo-Indicator will go back to the original colour after washing the jug.

-About Thermo-Indicator Temperature-

35℃/ 95℉ Color Change : It is time to stop introducing air for perfect velvet milk

60℃/ 140℉ Color Change : Optimal temperature for sweetness and deliciousness.

65℃/ 149℉ Color Change : Optimal temperature for sweetness and deliciousness.

70℃/ 158℉ Color Change : You take the risk of scalding the milk and losing all the delicious flavor that you have created


● Smart Pitcher thermo chromic decal (thermo-indicator) consists of micro indicating capsules.

● These capsules can be damaged if exposed to ultraviolet rays, high pressure, microwaves, and high temperature (greater than 70°C).

● Dishwasher safe.

● When used as directed Smart Pitcher thermo-indicator will last over a year.


● DO NOT use in oven, on stove stop or in microwave.

● DO NOT wash in acidic or caustic cleaner.

● DO NOT scratch thermo-indicator.

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