Set of 3 Jura Claris Blue Filter Cartridge Replacements

Set of 3 Jura Claris Blue Filter Cartridge Replacements. Very hard to find filter: made especially by Jura for its Jura ENA coffee machines. There are several different water filter types for capresso machines. This one is specifically for the skinny ENA models from Jura. Especially made for the Jura ENA 9 One Touch but also for the Jura Impressa machines: J7, J9, Z7, the F50 NEW GENERATION (AFTER 2009), C5 New Edition (from production date after September 2009) and the c9 new edition (after september 2009). Hard to find filter with superior filter “Claris Blue” which is slightly better compared to the previous generation (Jura 67879 Clearyl Water Care Cartridge). A special organic additive removes almost all carbon and practically eliminates decalcifying. Recommended use is 50 liters or 2 months of use. Made by Jura in Switzerland.

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