Philips Saeco HD8946/47 Xelsis Digital ID Automatic Espresso Machine

Serve up your own personalized coffee drink with a touch of your finger. It is that easy with Saeco’s Xelsis Digital ID fully automatic espresso machine. Using finger print recognition technology the Xelsis Digital ID will program, store and recall up to 6 unique user profiles. Each profile contains 9 beverages, fully customizable by strength, length and temperature as well as quantity and density of milk froth. Simply touch the digital ID pad with your finger tip and your personalized beverage starts to brew. This supreme convenience is matched by its elegant, subtle design. The wide and easy to read display allows one-touch functionality and intuitive handling. The Xelsis also provides an entirely integrated milk solution to automatic espresso machines, making it easier than ever to enjoy cappuccinos or lattes at home. The large external milk carafe with a built-in cappuccinatore hooks directly to the front of the machine, automatically frothing milk directly into the cup. The milk circuit is completely separate from the rest of the machine so that no milk operations involve the internal machine circuits. This makes milk carafe cleaning fast and immediate, with no intervention required from the user. The ergonomic design with its intergrated water tank and bean hopper that are easily accessible from the top of the machine perfectly compliments the machine’s design. Saeco has thought of everything with this machine; it is also easy to clean with front access to the removable brew group and used grounds tray without removing drip tray or milk carafe making cleaning very practical. Utilizing the finest materials such as stainless steel and chrome to offer an elegant and noble touch to this new machine, Xelsis fits easily into any kitchen decor. The robust and sturdy construction will result in long-lasting performance.

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