Nespresso Le Cube C185 Espresso Machine

Combination package of the Nespresso Le Cube and the Aeroccino. Offered in Titanium, the automatic Le Cube is the perfect option for espresso and lungo lovers and the accompanying Aeroccino offers one touch milk frothing or steaming. The Aeroccino is a one touch machine (automatic stop function) with simple milk dosage indicated in the jug (two levels: milk froth and hot milk). The Le Cube offers Automatic and programmable Coffee Quantity. A high pressure pump (19 bars) extracts all the aromas and develops a smooth crema in the cup. A thermobloc which heats water to 187°and 196° during extraction and empties the remaining water after each use so that the water is fresh for each preparation. A simple system which perforates the capsule and soaks all the ground coffee to optimally filter the coffee. A functional handle system, which allows for easy coffee preparation. Automatic ejection of used capsule. Removable water container. Tray for used capsules. Back-lit control button. Cup warming side trays for 6 Espresso cups. The machine deploys technology essential for preparing an outstanding Espresso, and is exceptionally easy to use.

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