Keurig K40 Coffee Maker w/ 48 K-Cup Packs & Water Filter Starter Kit

A perfect size machine that makes a perfect cup of coffee–at a perfect price! With the K40 coffeemaker, you get a full-size, fully featured Keurig at the cost of a personal brewer.Creating your ideal brew couldn’t be easier. Just select your serving size and at the touch of a button, the K40 quietly crafts your preferred beverage–in less than one minute. With the included 48 K-Cups, you have a huge selection of great flavors to sample and enjoy. The water filter starter kit helps keep every cup as smooth and fresh tasting as the first.You’re always ready to brew multiple cups, thanks to the ample 48-oz reservoir. And, the removable drip tray means the K40 can accommodate a larger mug or travel cup.Just choose the color that best matches your kitchen and you’re ready to brew!From Keurig.

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