Jura Impressa Xs90 One Touch espresso/cappuccino machine

One Touch

Mention the word ‘coffee’ today and people no longer think of
just espresso or milk coffee but also popular favourites like latte
macchiato or cappuccino. A trend that now extends itself to
boutiques, offices and the catering sector. So the fact the IMPRESSA
Xs90 One Touch produces no fewer than twelve different coffee
types – including latte – at the touch of a button is welcome news.
And thanks to its compact dimensions and lightweight (13.8 kg), the
machine delivers the mobility we associate with JURA.

From the start it was clear that the design of the machine would
have to reflect the quality and characteristics of our freshly
prepared coffee specialities. Controls such as the selector with
backlit pictograms, the Rotary Switch or the graphics display are
not only eye-catching optical highlights but also an immense
aid to navigation from the word ‘go’, not mention to the illuminating
light for your coffee preparation.

Ecological intelligence
The IMPRESSA Xs90 One Touch helps relieve the strain on the
environment and your budget. Thanks to Energy Save Mode
(E.S.M.©) the machine uses up to 40% less energy and, if you so
wish, switches automatically to standby mode after a certain
time. And if you are planning not to use the machine for an extended
period of time – during holiday periods, for instance – you
can use the power switch to disconnect it from the power supply.

Time management
For most of us, enjoying a well-made cup of coffee is one of life’s
daily pleasures. The IMPRESSA Xs90 One Touch is fully aware of
this and comes with an integrated time management system that
ensures you never miss one of those special moments in the
day. At any given time, the machine switches on – or off – automatically
and ensures you have the kind of coffee you want,
when you want it. And, needless to say, only on those days of the
week you have preprogrammed it.

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