Illy Francis Francis! X1 Iperespresso Machines in Stainless Steel with 4 Free Capsules Boxes and More…

A great starter or gift set
Included in purchase:
* X1 Machine in Stainless Steel
* 4 capsules boxes: Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Lungo, and Decaf
* 2 cappuccino cups
* 2 Espresso Cups
* Steaming Pitcher

The X1 became an icon in the world of coffee machines, and is now available in iperEspresso, the revolutionary capsule system that allows you to enjoy the best of illy at home. The X1 offers the highest quality and simplicity when preparing espresso: insert the capsule, push the button and you get a full-bodied aromatic espresso with a spectacular crema, that remains for more than 15 minutes.

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