Espresso Knock Box & Tamper Ready Base Stainless Steel

Set up your home espresso bar in style with the Juan commercial espresso knock box. This handsome box makes knocking packed espresso grounds from filters a simple step in the process of making coffee. The sleek box is made from 18/10 stainless steel, include a removable rubber-coated bar, and sit in a heavy, non-slip rubber base. The wide base has an indent for storing your espresso tamper (sold separately). The box is dishwasher safe. Using a knock box to remove used coffee grinds from a portafilter is an important barista technique since it helps reduce the loss of heat in the handle compared to rinsing in a sink. Standard size knock box is 4½” wide, 4¾” deep, and 6¼” tall – perfect for home or light commercial use. With Base: 8½” wide, 4¾” deep, and 6¼” tall. (Tamper not included.)

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