Capresso EC PRO 118.05 Professional Espresso & Cappuccino Machine with Grand Aroma Whole Bean Coffee (8.8oz),Espresso, Coffee Measure, ESPRESSO TAMPER (CD) with 2 pcs 10oz Handy Glass Coffee Mug + $15 Focus Gift Card

The heavy-duty stainless steel construction makes the EC PRO a standout on your counter and is easy to clean. Its compact footprint of 8 x 11 means it won’t take up much counter space. A big 42 ounce removable water container means more espresso and less refilling. The large, integrated cup warming tray on the top of the machine is not only is a great place to show off your special cups. Warm cups keep the espresso hot for a longer time for your drinking pleasure. Front-panel indicator lights show you at a glance when the power is on and whether the Coffee/Steam mode is selected.

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