Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker

With most espresso makers, you have to steam the milk in a separate pitcher immediately after your espresso is brewed. Not so with the revolutionary new Mukka Express, made in Italy by the ever-popular Bialetti. This stovetop espresso maker produces two cups (7-1/2 ounces) of frothy cappuccino by brewing the espresso and steaming the milk into the same container. All you have to do is add the ingredients-water, ground coffee, and milk-and place the Mukka on a stovetop burner. Push in the central button to activate the frother. If you prefer steamed rather than frothy milk, in other words, a latte rather than a cappuccino, leave the button up. When it’s done, pour the milky coffee into two cups or mugs, and enjoy. Bialetti makes the Mukka Express in three different looks: polished aluminum top and base; polished aluminum top with black-painted base; and the whimsically painted cow-pattern top with black base. All are made of sturdy aluminum with a heat-free handle. The pressure valve turns to remove for cleaning, then locks back into place. To use, fill the base with water to the indicator line; fill the stainless-steel basket with espresso-grind coffee; screw the base and top tightly together, and pour milk into the top. The Mukka is suitable for any gas, electric, or ceramic burner that’s as close in size as possible to the base. Keep the heat low to medium. The button pops up when it’s done (and you’ll hear the frothing noise). Rinse all parts after use under running water. –Ann Bieri

Product Description:

Mukka Express was developed by Bialetti and is the only product which allows you to prepare either a Cappuccino or latte just like the ones at the coffee bar, and is as easy as using a coffee maker.Includes detailed product manual and instructional dvd. Bialetti guarantees free valve replacements, please see 1-800 number printed on the box.

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