Autotamp, Espresso Tamper, Automatic Espresso Tamper (autotamper)

AUTOTAMP automatically compresses your finely ground coffee flat and level into the group handle at a consistent adjustable 30-35 pounds of pressure. It is impossible to achieve this task when done with a common hand tamper. Increasing Speed Of Drink Preparation AUTOTAMPS’ easy to use, two stage compression lever allows you to produce drinks with a natural fluid motion using less steps, unlike the wrist twist of a hand tamper. Reduces Employee Related Injuries Due To Repetitive Movements AUTOTAMPS ergonomic design makes it easier to tamp by simply pulling a lever in a downward motion rather than using a twisting motion of the shoulder, arm and wrist involved in hand tamping.Minimizes Training Time AUTOTAMP eliminates the ongoing task of keeping employees and new staff informed on the proper procedures of tamping. Works with Most Machines AUTOTAMP comes standard with a 57.75mm all stainless steel piston head, and we’re glad to custom machine down to any size to fit the needs of your machine for a nominal fee, Just take a measurement of the inside diameter of your group handle screen when ordering. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR VIDEOS AND MORE INFORMATION WWW.AUTOTAMP.COM !

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